Crypxie Yield Farming

Crypxie Yield Farming will be available at 20 Dec 2020

Introducing Crypxie Yield Farming

Crypxie yield farming is farming feature for CPX holders. CPX holder can earn passive income in BTC, ETH, USDT and DOGE daily. The earning can be transfer to crypxie account wallet anytime, can be used for trade or withdraw

A. Wallet
CPX balance in crypxie account wallet

B. Cloud
CPX balance in the cloud is useful for storing CPX and as mining power for farming BTC, ETH, USDT or DOGE. the more CPX that is held in the cloud, the greater daily earnings. The daily earning rate is 1 CPX equivalent to $0.01 in BTC, ETH, USDT or DOGE

C. Transfer
Transfer button can be used for transfer CPX from wallet to cloud, or from cloud to wallet

When the button is clicked, a pop up window will appear, and the user can choose to make the transfer

D. Available Suply
The Available Suply is the maximum supply that all crypxie users can mine within a certain period of time. The CPX Cloud Mining supply will be sold and exchanged for BTC, ETH, USDT and DOGE to fill the available suply. whoever holds the fastest and most CPX in the cloud will earn the most in that period before the available supply runs out

E. Earning Balance Field
Earning balance field is the number of results obtained from farming users

F. Daily Earning Field
Daily earning field is the total daily income for farm. The amount of daily earning depends on the number of CPX held in the cloud, CPX price, BTC price, ETH price, USDT price and DOGE price. For every 1 CPX held in the cloud, daily earnings are equivalent to $ 0.01

G. Power Button Field
Power button field is a button that is used to select which one the user wants to farm

H. Transfer Button Field
Transfer button field is the button used to transfer the earning balance to the crypxie account wallet. The earning balance can be transferred anytime