CPX Coin Infratructure

CPX is an ERC20 token built on Ethereum platform.

  • Token Contract : 0x79ddbbCc9D7FbDc77b02A960DabD2577144FDD6E
  • Supply quantity is fixed with a total of 100 million tokens.
  • Burn at 2020-10-01 : TX ID 0x20b1fafce2e318fa54b4a624e969570902fc...
  • Burn at 2020-11-01 : TX ID 0x2c54d39e9328dd583b7cf3c705cafbf976...
  • Burn at 2020-11-01 : TX ID 0xb112154cbe88b849b8ae7d7837cedc9...
  • Currently total supply is 81,741,662 CPX

  • Although CPX should be stored on Crypxie.com wallets to benefit from Airdrops, voting, referral commission etc. They can also be stored in soft/hard Ethereum Wallets. (MEW, ImToken, Metamask , Eidoo etc.)

    CPX is a utiliy token to be used on Crypxie.com as crypto assets trading platform primarily to be used for

  • Payment of Trading Commissions
  • IEO Participation
  • Staking and Lending Program
  • Margin Trading and Options Trading
  • Coin Voting and Coin Listing
  • Cloud Mining Program
  • Competitions
  • and Many Other in the Future
  • CPX Coin Distribution

  • 30% will be exchanged in Pre-ICO/IEO and ICO/IEO at Q3, 2020
  • 20% will be distributed for free to users of Crypxie.com as Reward (Airdrop&Bounty;)
  • 20% is reserved for Team. To be in circulation gradually
  • 20% is reserved for Cloud Mining Program
  • 10% is reserved for Loyalty Program like competition reward, coin voting, etc.
  • Bussiness Model of CPX Coin

  • CPX can be used as referral comission for every trade in all listed assets. The amount of referral commission is 20% from trading fee.
  • CPX will be the base pair and can be traded to BTC, ETH, XRP etc. and to all coins to be listed in the future.
  • CPX can be used as a Lending asset, Margin Trading deposit and Options Trading deposit.
  • CPX will be used as the base currency to buy IEO tokens at Crypxie.com
  • CPX can be used to participate in Cloud Mining Program. CPX holders will receive more CPX in the Cloud Mining Program. the more CPX that is held, the mining speed will increase.
  • CPX will be used as a reward for Staking Program and Trading Competition.
  • CPX will be used as fee for Coin Listing, voting power for Coin Voting competitions and reward for Coin Voter Winner.
  • CPX will be used as fee for Airdrop & Bounty Program Listing.
  • Roadmap

    Q2, 2020

    Idea and Concept Formation

    Market Survey and Research

    Project Planning and Team Building

    Q3, 2020

    CPX Coin Creation (Smart Contract)

    Web Development

    Social Media Establized

    Exchange Testing

    Launch Exchange, Airdrop (1) & (2), CPX Pre-ICO/IEO


    Q4, 2020

    Open CPX Market, CPX Buyback(1)

    Open Fiat Currency Pairs (eg. BTC / USD)

    Mobile App Development and Testing

    Launch Mobile App and Airdrop (3)

    Q1, 2021

    Open Coin listing and IEO Listing

    Airdrop Distribution, Buyback(2)

    Cloud Mining, Margin Trade, Options Trade Developments and Testing

    Q2, 2021

    Launch Cloud Mining, Margin Trade and Options Trade

    Launched Loyalty and Loan Program

    Q3, 2021

    Creating Own Blockchain, Testing and Launch

    Partnership and Other Program

    Buy-Back and Burn Process

  • To protect our investors who have bought CPX coins during pre-ICO/IEO and when ICO/IEO, 75% of the sales of tokens and 75% of the quarterly profit of crypxie.com will be used for CPX buy-back from the market for keep CPX prices stable.
  • If in the future CPX prices fall, some CPX coins will be burned to stabilize prices.