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PayPal API Configuration

Cryptomania Exchange PRO provides PayPal API configuration for interacting with PayPal payment method. To enable PayPal Api the following options need to be configured in project .env file.


All fields are required except RETURN_URL and CANCEL_URL.

NB: Change PAYPAL_MODE value to live for production mode. After setting all the required option you need to clear cache by running this command php artisan clear:all and php artisan horizon:termiante to clear queue cache

To Obtain API Client ID And Secret Key Within Your Paypal Account -

  1. Please go to and Log In
  2. Go to the dashboard in this website.
  3. Click on Create App Button
  4. Fill out the information “Create New App” this page.
  5. Here you will get your REST API Credentials Client id and Secret Key.

For more information check here :-